Frequently Asked Questions.

Whom is designed for? addresses larger tire wholesalers, retailers, importers, exporters, as well as manufacturers of all tire types. Our vision is to create an easy to use and transparent network for our customers. We focus on FCL / FTL only.

Will I be charged for using the Intires platform?

No. is fully free of charge until further notice. If any costs should incur in future, you will be notified by e-mail well in advance for your written consent or refusal.

How am I paid or invoiced by

No matter if you are a seller or buyer, is your contract partner paying and /or invoicing you. Sellers and buyers stay anonymous towards each other, as is the intermediate trader taking care of invoicing, payment and transport.

How do I become a seller or buyer on

It’s very simple. Just sign up using the registration form in the top menu of our website. After receiving your log-in details by e-mail, we’ll ask for additional information about your company. Once completed, we’ll validate your data and activate your account asap.

Can other users discover my identity on

For sure not. At each log-in, randomly allocates an user name to you, which replaces your real company name for the current session. Therefore, nobody will be able to identify the supplier behind an offer or the buyer behind an order. As Intires takes care of the transport, we are the consignor on each delivery note and the originator of each invoice.

Can other users see my sell-in prices on

No. We add our handling fee, as well as the specific transport costs depending on the route to the suppliers’ prices. Those are the final prices displayed to buyers on the portal.

How do I make sure I receive my goods in an undamaged and intact condition?

We collaborate with reputable and experienced transport partners only. Oversea deliveries are checked at the port of origin by SGS before the vessel departs.